Alpaca manure – who knew poop could be so great?

by Admin on February 10, 2010

Alpacas are fairly clean animals. They prefer to go do their business in a designated area. But it seems that pretty quickly you can accumulate a fairly big pile of alpaca manure. Hey, at least you don’t have to run around the yard picking up after them like with dogs! But as the poop pile gets bigger, you’ll eventually want to do something about it.

Alpaca manure differs a little from that of other livestock, and therefore also brings a unique set of benefits:

• Lower in organic matter, which means it shouldn’t burn the roots when spread directly on plants.
• Higher nitrogen and potassium content, which makes it a little more potent than manure from horses, cows or sheep. (Of course this will still be much lower than synthetic fertilizer, but it makes a great organic option!)

So, what to do with the poop? Here are a few ideas for that ever-growing pile:

• Include it in your compost bins
• Spread on flower beds
• Fertilize your vegetable garden and any fruit trees
• Fill holes or sunken areas in the ground
• Till it into bare spots on your lawn to help grass grow
• Offer it in your newspaper’s free classifieds section. Many alpaca farmers find once people know they have poop, they can hardly keep up with the demand!

Some industrious alpaca farmers may even consider packaging their alpaca poop for sale as an organic fertilizer. Let us know how you use your alpaca poop!

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